-Will be inactive for 3 and a halfweeks-

Sorry blog :(.will be inactive cause my exams are here.studying hard right now


-Daily Basis-

Mood : Raping my homework
Music : In like A Lion(always winter)

I've started my day by waking up early.6 am + ba i think @.@.Alright.Today at school was normal la.nothing special also lol.but 1 thing special la.My Si Gong (Yong Karmen) call me take her book Lol.Today's homework was sososososososo little and im so happy cause i can spend a little more time on my computer :D.Still im gonna have to do my revision for my coming exam next wednesday leh.T.T.OH YEAH today got class tambahan :D for chemistry that is.Amazingly im pumped up for it!

-Where Are You When i need you?-
I am so so so so so amazingly stressed out right now and you somewhere else but not by my side.I need some guidance.i need some support.Please help me T.T

This saturday watching ipman 2 again but this time with my SK friends :).Hope it will be fun as i will pawn them in daytona :DDDDD

Thats kinda all for now :/ Good Day Lad :D


-Do i still love you?-

Mood : HARH??!?!?!?!?
Music : Nothing

Thats a question thats still dazzling me these past few months.i thought i dropped u off but infact im getting more attached to you.Why is this happening T.T..Get me out of this mess.i need some guidance.PLEASEEEE

=My New Skin=

Well i guess u noticed some changes in my blog xP.Its nice right?Yeah i made it thx to my friend here chibi for helping me out man.She's the greatest blog template-er i ever knew xD



Sorry Guys.i Tottaly forget bout my bloggie :(..until i found this in my trash(RecycleBin).So Lets start from scratch

Hmm..Okay..my new school rocks :D..im more open to life now thx to all my buddies in SK :)..i knew alot more people.and had tons of fun there too.My first exam so-so la.So i have to get rid of the so-so marks and score very well in my midyear exam which is next wednesday ._. and im here blogging and trashing everything i remember at you :D
OH YEAH! By the way.My exam goes on for 3 freaking weeks aw gosh = =.This is gonna kill me.Summore my physics teacher is demoralising me in my calculation.

Moral Project
Last few days.My friend Alex came to my house and did Alot of homework with me :).We Rushed our chemistry project and even rook photos for our moral kerja amal siol.Sry cant upload the pic due to terms of condition in My BLOG.= =.Lame isn't it?

IPRON MAN 2!!!(Ip Man 2 + Iron Man 2)LOL

THis is amazing.I watched Ip Man 2 with my mom and dad in The Mines Shopping Fair
on a beautiful saturday afternoon XD.It was amazing!Ip Man is So cool :D.and i watched iron man 2 on the following day which is sunday.Iron Man Was so-so = =

Ratings for IpMan And IronMan

IPMAN 2 : 1000/10
IronMan2 : 7/10

well actually i got more to say but.Time is of the essence i wanna go back to my gaming xP.so Ciao Dawgs